Do you need a handle on your technology?

Technology isn’t always as easy as it’s made out to be. When you’re running your church or small business, worrying about technology is about the last thing you have time for. But having a full-time geek just isn’t in the cards. If you need help with your office technology, a free-range nerd can help you grab IT by the horns.

Streaming Video Solutions

The modern web is built on a lot of video. If you have a project for live streaming, whether it’s a single event or a 24/7 broadcast, we can help develop a cost-effective solution for your business, house of worship, or non-profit organization. We work with industry leaders including Amazon Web Services, Telestream, HaiVision, and Wowza Media Systems, and have built streaming infrastructure from a single small server to distributed global networks. Drop us a line to discuss your project requirements.

Technology for a Higher Purpose

Access to information technology and visual technologies are some of the key foundational elements of a dynamic house of worship in the 21st century. We have extensive experience in the unique technology requirements of houses of worship. We know the special things you do, the special tools required, and the special budgetary considerations that they entail. Contact us to see how we can help your house of worship with your technical needs.

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Enterprise Wireless

Wi-Fi is no longer merely a convenient afterthought. The mobile generation expects Wi-Fi wherever they go. Manufacturing facilities increasingly rely on wireless devices to increase plant efficiency. Schools, medical facilities, and houses of worship need to be able to support hundreds of devices at once. Wi-Fi has become a critical piece of your technology infrastructure, and has some very specific design constraints and requirements.

Nerd Herd engineers have been working with Wi-Fi technology since the late 1990s when Wi-Fi was still in its infancy. If your wireless system isn’t meeting your needs anymore, contact us for a site survey and and engineered system upgrade. Ensuring seamless coverage is more than just throwing large numbers of access points at the problem. With our hardware partners we can engineer a solution that will increase your efficiency, and save you a lot of money over a typical wireless upgrade.

Whether you’re in Wichita or anywhere else in the country, contact us to see how we can help make your wireless invisible and boost your free-range productivity. Read more for an overview of our wireless installation process.